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The Health Benefits of Orthodontics

The American Association of Orthodontists recommends a child be evaluated for braces by age seven; why so soon? The fluidity of a child's jaw structure is one reason. The other reasons are pretty much the same for both kids and adults: better-looking, healthy, functional smiles. At Village Dental in Richmond Hill, GA, Dr. Nils Anderson offers orthodontic treatment which optimizes oral health. Have your best smile through orthodontics!

What is orthodontic treatment?

It's the branch of dentistry which has both and artistic and medical aspects. The art-side ensures an attractive smile. The medical-side works toward a functional smile which lasts a lifetime.

Dr. Anderson and his team at Village Dental in Richmond Hill, GA, see a variety of smile alignment issues. They do careful examinations and imaging to arrive at treatment plans which correct the jaw, straighten the teeth, close gaps, align the dental bite and more.

Correction itself involves a variety of appliances, including ones most people are familiar with: metal brackets, wires and ligatures. Plus, modern orthodontics offers treatment with ceramic, or tooth-colored, braces, lingual, or tongue-side appliances.

Space maintainers help young teeth erupt into proper positions at the right time. Bonded in palatal expanders widen small jaws so they may accommodate large adult teeth.

Typical orthodontic treatment takes about two to two and a half years. Whatever the treatment plan and appliances, Dr. Anderson aims for the best possible result: happy, healthy smiles for all.

The health benefits of orthodontics

The great oral health benefits garnered after completion of treatment are:

  1. Teeth which are easier to clean, reducing the incidence of gum disease and decay
  2. Adult teeth which erupt properly
  3. Less jaw bone degradation (Misaligned teeth require more pressure to bite and chew, thus eroding teeth and supporting bone quickly)
  4. Clearer speech patterns
  5. Fewer dental injuries from protruding front teeth

In addition, people just like you feel better about themselves when they have an even, more attractive smile. They are more confident in school, at work and in interpersonal relationships. These things spell improved psychological well-being.

Find out more

An orthodontic consultation at Village Dental outlines how braces help people just like you. To book your appointment with Dr. Anderson, call the office at (912) 459-2345.

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