5 Signs You May Need a Tooth-Saving Root Canal

Apr 02, 2023
5 Signs You May Need a Tooth-Saving Root Canal
There are many ways your teeth can get damaged, leading to tooth decay, gum disease, and other dental issues. Root canals can preserve teeth, but to get help, you’ll need to know the signs to look for.

Teeth are an essential part of our digestive system and contain the hardest substance our body produces (enamel). But they are also prone to damage from the various forms of bacteria that live in our mouths. Tooth decay, gum disease, halitosis, oral cancer, and tooth erosion are all common dental problems that can lead to tooth loss and other complications regarding your health.

There are many ways to preserve teeth if you’re dealing with dental problems, including root canals. In this blog, let’s examine the procedure, what it treats, and what to watch for that might indicate you need a root canal. 

If you live in the Richmond Hill, Georgia, area and you’re struggling with dental problems, Dr. Nils Anderson and his skilled medical team at Village Dental can help protect and preserve your teeth.

What is a root canal?

Your teeth are composed of several parts: the enamel that protects the exterior, the dentin underneath that covers the pulp, and cementum that forms the center. When bacteria manage to infect the inner layers of your teeth, the damage can lead to tooth loss. 

Root canals help to manage the problem by removing the diseased pulp. Afterward, a crown or filling is placed to protect the tooth.

What is a root canal used to treat?

The pulp of your tooth provides nourishment for the tooth, and the nerves sense temperature changes and pain. Because of its proximity to your gums, any problems that affect your gums or get inside your teeth can infect your pulp. 

Root canals stop the infection. Bacteria can infect your teeth and lead to several dental problems like tooth decay, tooth pain, swollen gums, and tooth discoloration. Any of these issues may be managed by removing the pulp of your tooth.

What signs indicate I need a root canal?

Here are the signs to look for that may indicate you need a root canal:

1. Pain

Constant pain or pain that recurs can indicate tooth decay, impacted tooth, cavities, or gum disease, all of which can damage your tooth pulp. You may also experience pain from nerve damage to your tooth, which can be managed by a root canal.

2. Tooth sensitivity

If you’re eating or drinking something warm or cold and it causes your tooth to hurt, it is likely a sign of tooth problems that may need a root canal.

3. Tooth discoloration

A tooth infection causes it to become discolored. Or an injury to your tooth can cause a lack of proper blood supply, killing the pulp inside. 

4. Swollen gums

If your gums are swollen near the tooth that hurts, it’s an indication of infection or acidic waste in dead pulp tissue. Pimples, boils, or abscesses along your gums near the hurting tooth also indicate a need for treatment to preserve the tooth.

5. Loose teeth

An infected tooth is likely to feel loose. Fortunately, a root canal can save it.

If you’re experiencing tooth pain and need treatment, we have plenty of experience with performing root canals and many other procedures to help preserve, replace, and brighten teeth. If you’re ready to be free of tooth pain, make an appointment with Dr. Anderson and the team at Village Dental today.